Md Makhlesur Rahman

Database Administrator
$1000 / week
September 1, 1984

About Candidate

January 29, 2024
Dear Recruiter,
I would like to submit my application for the MSSQL server DBA opening. Please accept this letter and the attached resume.
In the previous role, I was responsible for application database administration and technical support for SQL Server database
Please consider my qualifications and experience:
 I have expert knowledge of MSSQL and PL/SQL, as well as experience working with a variety of database platforms
such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB and Microsoft SQL Server.
 TSQL coding and Batch scripting and stored procedure development experience.
 The DBA role supports several existing applications that use different technologies.
 Experience configuring and all components of the MSSQL Product set (Core DB engine and Replication topologies,
Service Broker, Log Shipping, Replication, Database Snapshots, Database Mirroring, and experience with Always
 Experience in troubleshooting and resolving database integrity issues, database user issues, performance issues,
blocking and deadlocking issues, connectivity issues, security issues.
 Configure and maintain schema, tables, views, functions, triggers and indexes and other’s.
 Configure and maintain system databases, user databases and server instances.
 Configuration and experience on SSIS, SSAS and SSRS to create and deploys dtsx packages and Reports.
 Database upgrade, patching and refresh. Extract, Transform and Load (ETL).
 SQL tuning, data conversion/migration, Supporting development, test and production system.
 Database maintenance, database backup and recovery.
 Measure database performance and troubleshoot complex database issues and monitor interfaces with other
 Configure and manage system and database user IDs and group permissions etc.
Note: I want to remote this job from Bangladesh. If agree then contact with me.
Thank you for taking your time to review my application and consideration.
Md Makhlesur Rahman



Bechelor of Science 2008
Computer Science and Engineering
Master's of Science 2009
Computer Science and Engineering

Work & Experience

Senior Database Administrator 12/12/2021
ASA International

 5+ years of Database Administration Experience involving large databases using MSSQL Server 2017/2019. including OLTP and OLAP data warehouse environments and complex ETL utility functions. BigQuery, Query Optimization.  Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Governance, Data Science, Data Visualization, Presentations, Statistical Concepts.  Administrator, monitor, and resolve incidents for high traffic in big databases including performance tuning, data backups, restore and recovery, patching, configure to monitoring, troubleshooting and testing of disaster recovery strategy (Log Shipping, Replication, Database Mirroring and AlwaysOn Availability).  Maintains data capture, data processing, reporting and analytics, data access/conflict resolution and data integrity needs while minimizing redundancy.  Experience on data services team, infrastructure team, development team and other groups to build and support high availability database instances and processes.  Conduct code reviews for stored procedures, triggers, SQL/T-SQL, warehouse management The best practices for security, schema updates, data refreshes and data integrity.  Monitoring and database storage capacity management, and performance optimization.  Identify tuning opportunities, improvements and advise developers on SQL tuning.  Experience on appropriate disk platforms, disk configuration, operating system kernel settings, database engine configurations and configure with Linux/UNIX environment.  Ability to written and review complex database structures and complex T-SQL/SQL.  Perform configuration and deployment activities for high complexity projects.  Actively monitor the database environment to increase efficiency, improve reliability, and minimize operating expenses.  Install and configurations are MSSQL server 2012/2014/2016/1017/2019/2022

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